”I felt like I was watching it happen to someone else.”
Erik Seidel on his 1988 World Championship success (in an interview with PokerLizard)

Seidel made quite an entrance to the Poker World when he became runner-up to Johnny Chan in the 1988 World Championships. Their showdown was also featured in the movie “Rounders”. Four years later he won his first gold bracelet and has since then won a total of 7 bracelets. Seidel is also the first player in decades who has managed to win gold bracelets three year in a row (1992-94). It was only after that victory run that he decided to become a full-time professional.

Erik Seidel is yet another poker player who dropped out of college to pursue gambling. His first choice was not poker, however, but backgammon. Playing backgammon with no other than Stu Ungar he eventually tried poker. He has also worked as a Wall Street trader in the eighties.

He has had great success with many different types of poker. Out of his seven bracelets two are in Limit Hold’em, two in No Limit Hold’em and one each in Omaha High-Low, No Limit Deuce-to-Seven Lowball and Pot Limit Omaha.

Seidel is known for his patience and intelligence at the table. He is very skilled at money management and is generally well liked on the tour due to his friendly manners. Writing in All In Magazine about the more loose and aggressive style of other players, he claims that “Most of us are not on the level of [Phil] Ivey or Huck [Seed], and so we are not going to be capable of being successful with an ultra-aggressive style.” Quite a modest statement considering Siedels record


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